After the success of her debut EP “Durt” it seems that Ray BLK is now back with new material, and “Run Run” is more a reggae-filled tuned with the mix of R&B. The single is bright and sense a more mature move from the singer who brought us a lot of positivity and life lessons.

“Run Run” is better equivalent with Jorja Smith “Blue Lights”, as both singles have a female perspective on gang violence police brutality, the innocent of male masculinity. The chorus itself goes: ‘Run Run, boy your freedom…if you want to see the sun, we don’t want to loose another one.’ Channeling her stories living in South London, Ray BLK brings a light life living in the hood and shows her plea to young men that the fight is for your freedom and not be taken down by the system. Many fans will be extremely happy that the young singer is back on the scene, and with the plight once again being this year the issues surrounding male masculinity, “Run Run” has come at the right time.


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