Ray BLK releases her first compilation of work, which is a collection of her current hit singles, as well as new tracks.

If you’ve missed her gig at the Bush Hall a few months back in September, you may of heard that she performed new tracks such as “Baby Girlz“. Which has the influence of Lauryn Hill’s classic “Doo Woop (The Thing)“. Who knew that Ray BLK had the flows to intellect to rap and educate about making good life choices in the times of one’s youth. The voice of recognition continues in her track “Hunny”…so there’s no deny that she’s taken a inspiration from Ms Hill, adding her own Ray BLK stamp of it.

“Durt”, which has a small element of the alternative R&B vibes, with a sense of street soul. It is a little dark, but that doesn’t cover the ever influence of the trap rhythm in her chorus.

For someone who’s been on our radar since the beginning of 2016, you could say that she has had an amazing year. Not only having two sold out headline shows, but also getting the chance to be on Jools Holland & nominated for a MOBO.




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