NEW!!! RAYLO – So Gone


The music video may have RAYLO boys Reece Whyte and Teni Solomon; as one canĀ  easily assume that the group is a duo, but don’t be fooled – there’s actually four of them.

With Whyte and Solomon giving us the vocals and rap with the merge of their distinctive vocals and soulful tonnes, the other two members Robin Reeve and George Renwick keep their identities behind RAYLO as the producers. After meeting at a Boom Boom Studios on a project years back, the boys continue to finish what they started in 2016. Therefore, you could say that their single and accompanied video for “So Gone” has underlying trap and a R&B-altered melody that has a mixed of rap; making it dark yet futuristic at the same time.

The single provides a sense of excitement as it’s the first coming from their five-track EP of the same name.


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