COMING SOON: Return of The Ring – Rhianne Elizabeth, Sam Malley, Theo Johnson, Nisaro Karim & Thomas Compton


The title of this film is deceiving but it's actually a modern take on the hit selling medieval fantasy 'Lord of The Rings'.

So there. We've first  differentiated it from the trilogy as it's not set in the world of  "...medieval setting with horses and swords..." It's brought to our times and will follow resilient young Elf Illyandra on the quest to find it.

What was supposed to be destroyed (with Sauron’s empire collapsed) makes an unexpected return. Yes folks, the ring makes a second coming, but this time it's in the hand of a young man named John who now has the fate of the world in his power.

Middle Earth has been left in a spiral with wild Orcs' invasions and opportunistic Dwarfs who seek on land grabbing. The principalities and perils lead Aragorn to a launch genocide of the non-human of Middle Earth, making the Race of Man to leave no evidence of the life...other than a dust of fairy tales and survivors exiled into the abyss.

The next chapter of this adventure is brought to you by Abdulrahman Ugas who has feature script optioned with the talented Julian Holmes (Strike Back, MI-5, Law & Order). Ugas makes the leap with his direct debut. He brings on board James Alexander the talented photographer who provides us with some sneak exclusives of images from the set (which we'll place a couple below).

The best and brightest from Birmingham are starring in this short, and this includes Nisaro Karim who was in Duaine Carma Roberts 'Graycon'. He'll be part of an upcoming mini-series 'The Chase' alongside Sam Malley, who's also starring in this film. Rhianne. Elizabeth takes the lead role of the protagonist and there's also supporting roles from Theo Johnson and Thomas Compton.

'Return of the Ring' is external from the highly grossed franchise that brings the world of Tolkien back to the region of Brum. For now, the official release date for this movie is still under wraps. Although the film is almost in completion.



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