The Londoner is bringing all things cute and glitter to R&B, and you know what…we can’t get enough of it.

Many of you may of heard her track of Michael Jackson’s ‘I Wanna Be Where You Are’ (whilst shopping at H&M), which by the way, has received 98.K views. ‘Tunnel Vision’ comes in second place with a record of 55.8k plays; maturing from her first two releases  ‘Who?’ and ‘Sleeping In Walking.’

The visuals for both these two tracks are beautifully mesmerising. Using  brit-pop influences of the nineties, Rina Sawayama has individualistically mastered what R&B should sound like for another five (if not ten) years from now. Placing her alongside US’ artists  such as trio King, The Internet as well as our very own Jaja Kisses.

Already tipped by Fader as one of the new discoveries to watch, Sawayama will DEFINITELY become the sister-equivalent to Bjork, who is cool, cute and still a badass.

It’s R&B cuteness 4eva folks.




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