Remember the name Kibwe Tavares.

Tavares is making headway with the world of ‘afrofuturism’. After seeing the interesting innovation project ‘Robots of Brixton’ Tavares changes the game that indeed, with the amount of talent in the world of animation of scifi, Black people can too contribute to the future of the modern world. He’s worked with Malachi Kirby & Daniel Kuulya in ‘Jonah’  and will be working with Kaluuya AGAIN in his upcoming short ‘Robot & Scarecrow’. 

Joining Kaluuya will be Jack O’Connell and Holliday Grainger.  O’Connell, known to play Eamonn in hit show ‘Skins’ has gone on to star in ‘300: Rise of An Empire’, War-story ’71 and will be playing the flamboyant fashion extraordinaire Alexander McQueen in a biopic by Chris Urch. Watch out for him in upcoming film ‘The Man With An Iron Heart’. 

Grainger has also starred alongside O’Connell in ‘Tulip Fever’, but was last seen in the Disney reboot of ‘Cinderella’. She’ll be starring alongside Rachel Weiz and Sam Claflin in Victorian thriller ‘My Cousin Rachel.’

‘Robots & Scarecrow’ is an opposites-attract-scifi romance short that occur during a music festival.




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