Rude GRL comes to the scene as the feisty champion; fully equipped with a flow and innovative music.
She pulls a tongue to her dark past and crashes in with a loud BOOM with her new records under Rat Boy’s Record Label. Beginning with ‘It’s Like That (Survival of the Sickest)‘. She’s also working with Ben Langmaid who was behind La Roux and a big inspiration of her transition from being the girl once signed to a major label to now being a 100% independent.
Already being her own advocate of being herself, the Welsh native has spent time out of the game to master her craft. With UK Grime and Rap reaching international success and recognition, Rude GRL has dream prospects of working with the likes of The Slaves as well as icons such as Missy Elliot and M.I.A. She follows the influx of UK females who have a mouth so slick that, unless you get them on their bad side, they’ll definitely defend themselves with a clapback. Better watch yourself, folks!
In her very first interviews with us, RudeGRL talks in detail the importance of being an individualist and reveals her thoughts about female rappers not getting enough shine as their male counterparts as well as her break from being JayEllDee. Plus, she reveals her thoughts about the present-day rap scene across all boards and discovering her inner strength & selfless spirit for making music that’s for the people.
1. Yourself and GIRLI are the current newgen of female rappers from the UK who are adding a little spin of wit against pop sounds. We also reminisce of the legendary Lady Sovereign who brought a little humour to her lyrics. Would say that mixing pop with hip hop is what you’re currently looking to pursue with your sound?
Yeah, I think so. I guess…the track is really catchy for anyone.  I’m a real fan of pop music, and I think that music’s kind of evolved to the point that it doesn’t have to be in a genre. We just throw everything that we’ve been inspired by into one little thing.

2. Do you think there’s still a stigma in regards to female rappers/MCs in the UK, whereby they don’t share the similar amount of success?

I don’t know…I might be a little too rude with this honesty for this one (laughs)…

There are some females out now that are really amazing, like Princess Nokia, Young M.A, Cardi B…there’s literally so many, which is so exciting about female rap right now. I feel that they all have a story to tell and they’re all quite unique. Whereas there’s a lot of people who follow the trend too much and their craft ends up being a copy of something. I just think like, if you’re going to be great you’ll have to be uniquely yourself. I feel like in the UK, a lot of girls are trying to be like for example, Nicki Minaj. Just be yourself as it’s more interesting. 

There are some girls in the UK like GIRLI, M.I.A, Lady Sovereign and Ms. Dynamite whom had something unique in their stories that they had to tell, and it was interesting. Whereas the Nicki Minaj knockoff wasn’t as it has already been done. So yeah. That might sound a little bit rude…

3. Despite your residence being in Wales, Tell us a little about the music scene in Wales. How would you describe it in a nutshell?

(Laughs)  Really like…DEAD. Dry! 

4. Whats your thoughts about the UK music scene?

I’m really excited about just like rap in all of its forms at moment due to the internet. So many different people from different places have got their own unique way of rapping now. There’s always every five years a new trend like Dubstep…Grime…

I’ve been a fan of Grime since I was like 12.  Dubstep is now mainstream…kind of like what happened with Drum ‘N’ Bass before Grime was popping; because the genre (Drum ‘N’ Bass) was underground for ages, so it’s great for it to get its success now.  

I’m excited because it pushes the culture forward and I’m looking forward as to what’s going to come next after that from young kids hearing Grime – that’s kind of their Garage now.  

5. You’re formerly known as JayEllDee in 2013 and released your single ‘Forever’. Now you make a massive comeback as RudeGRL and start your next chapter with ‘It’s Like That (Survival of the Sickest).’ How has your music sound matured between these two alter-egos?
In the time where I did those songs, I was at a point where I was in a really dark space personally. I kind of went out of the whole rapping thing, as I was just like ‘This is too much for me.’ I felt that I needed to explore another part of myself. I had a thing for post-punk and things like that. So I said, ‘Let me explore that for a bit’ because it was less stressful. My next comment might be controversial, but I feel that in the music industry if you’re Black or Mixed Race you must only do rap, and I got fed up of that. I made up my mind to do something different because I don’t want to be limited into a box due to the colour of my skin, so there was a bit of that going on. When it came down to it, rapping has been my outlet (since I was a kid), something that I’ve been passionate about.
F**K them. This is what I’m going to do and I’m going to do it in my own way. Rather than ‘Well, you need to do this because it’s the trend.’ Just make what’s in your heart. 
In terms, of my sound, I guess it’s changed in the sense that I’m not too worried about other people’s opinions. I’m just going to say it how it is. It’s more fun as I’m thinking about how I’m going to do it live. Before, I was only thinking of ‘Me, me, me’ and it was really dead being so much in a box. Now It’s a lot more about everyone. I want to make my music fun, uplifting and accessible. It doesn’t always have to be personal. 
 6. If JayEllDee and RudeGrl ever have an MC battle, who do you think will win and why?
(Laughs) that’s really funny. That’s jokes! You know what? I think Rude GRL would, cos…before JayEllDee (when I was younger), I was very much about straight battle rap. Now I’ve developed because I’ve looked into other areas of music. I’ve developed a better flow and a unique way of saying bars, therefore, I think now I can out beat myself and that’s all that matters really. 

7. You’re currently signed to independent label SCUM RECORDS by Rat Boy. Please reflect on your new experience as one of the first artists in SCUM RECORDS books.

So we got that single, signed to him and we got another song coming out that’s also on the label that we’re excited about. I can’t wait for that.

I respect Ratboy for what he’s about…like, always making mischief, enjoying and always being yourself. We need more of that angst-I-don’t-give-a-fuck sort of thing. It’s really cool being co-signed by him. He’s been really good! He’s really quite laid back. They liked what they heard and they just believe in it. It’s a lot better when you have someone that actually cares about what you’re doing. 

8. We hear that it’s isn’t only you in this quest to stardom. In fact, you’re working with Ben Langmaid who has worked La Roux.
a) Does Ben Langmaid love to work in the background?
b) How does it feel to work with the guy who brought the old skool of 80/90s retro-pop back to the 00s?

I know! What’s with that? I think he does. I don’t know what’s that all about.  I always want him to come into pictures and stuff and he’s like ‘No’.

Yeah, it’s true. I love La Roux. I was a big fan of that. So cool. It’s really good working with Ben.  He’s like a brother to me; like a big brother. He really helped me out getting clean and sober. I don’t really see him as that now, but I think at first I was like ‘Wow, cool’. You know what I mean? I’m a massive fan of La Roux and working Ben is really cool.

I don’t see him like that anymore. He’s just more of a friend now. He’s great at developing artists. He sees the project for what it can be. He’s really good at that.  

9. It’s Like That (Survival of the Sickest) is the first single that’s accompanied by a music video.
a) Will there be an upcoming EP in the pipeline that we should be looking out for?
b) What’s the inspiration and underlining message of this track?
Urm… not at the moment. We got loads of tracks to put out. We’re not sure as to how we’ll be putting them out yet. We’re might out it out one by one, but we’re definitely going to have a new track out soon. We got loads of tracks that need to be put out…videos…
My single is all about being unapologetically yourself. Being authentic of who are are and not-giving-a-toss kind of attitude. 


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