Since speaking to Rude Kid at the single launch party of ‘Banger After Banger’, the DJ/Producer has been busy working own new material. He recently released his EP ‘Monsters‘, which has a track that he produced for Wiley on there. He’s even released his documentary ‘Are You Ready?’, aiding him to become one of the top producers in both the Grime and the music scene. We couldn’t be happier, as the artist has had a long time coming and experiencing all of the success as of this moment.

So seeing him chilling at Relentless Records was some sort a catch-up moment. Sporting his Puma beige head to toe gear, the greetings were an exchange of positive accolades. We get to know more about Rude Kid as he reveals in more detail as to WHOM he’s produced for. With all of these big highlights of success, we wonder whether he’ll take a break from it all. Will Rude Kid ever have a temporary retirement? Found out his answer with his interview after the jump.

1. Last time that we spoke was at your single Launch Party. Have there been any recent updates since then?

The single done good man. Got A-listed on 1Xtra. I did the release of the ‘Monsters’ EP and I’m planning to release another single. 

2 Tell us more about your ‘Monsters EP’. Why an instrumental album?
It’s important for producers to showcase their talent. The instrumental is a craft for a producer, and I wanted to showcase that. I’m always going to put out instrumental EPs.
3. Obviously, fans will be buzzing over the fact that you were the producer behind Wiley’s track. Provide details into the process of producing his single.
Wiley just asked whether I had a tune for his album and I had that beat there;  which I thought would suit Wiley. I sent it to Wiley and he stated ‘Yeah man, this is definitely going into his album.’  So yeah that’s about it. I had that tune sitting in my music archives, and I wanted someone like Wiley on it anyway…and he got Newham Generals and President T on it as well.

 4. Was it just only Wiley and Ghetts that you’ve produced for? Or is there more artists that you’ve produced that you’d like us to know about?
I’ve worked with JME, I’ve worked with Skepta, Giggs, Bugzy Malone…there are loads of people that I’ve worked with in the scene. Erm…I’ve produced for the whole Boy Better Know, Frisco, Jammer. Who else have I made tunes for? I’ve made tunes for a few people.
5. Which other artists are also on your radar that you’d love to have a single and instrumental with?
I want to do something properly with Stormy. Obviously with ‘One Take’. I’d love to work with him properly.  I want to work with Dizzie…I want to work with alot of people.
6. BPI reported that Grime sales as well as genres R&B/Soul has seen a massive increase in sales. The UK has seen a shift in the charts as Grime artists continue to dominate the charts e.g. Nines, Stormzy, Nadia Rose. Would you consider the general pop music in decline?
Yeah I mean like…it is what is it is, man. Music now is you can make whatever you want to listen to and it’s going to do well. Like all of them people have charted not by making ‘pop’ but they’ve done their own thing. Making a fanbase by themselves. In terms of me making pop music, I’m always going to do what I want to do. It’s not pop, is it? But it becomes pop. 
Pop is popular music.
7. Jay-Z and Dizzee Rascal have both made a big comeback with new albums and a tour in the pipeline. Jay-Z returns with a more ‘conscious’ material ‘4.44’ whilst Dizzie Rascal proves that he still got the bars that earned him nostalgia in 2003. Would you rather continuously be heavily consistent with your music being a DJ/Artist and producer or take a large break and return like with an unexpected second coming into the music scene?
I’m always going to stay consistent. I’m going to keep putting out music. People like Dizzie and Jay-Z only went on a break because they’ve already achieved so much – and they can because they can afford to that. Whereas someone like me I have to continue and build a bigger fan base and put out more music like they have. Until I do that, then I can think about having a break and putting out an album after that but in terms of now, I’m going to keep hitting people with a banger after banger.


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