Sampl has already started to get himself set for 2018 with this R&B number ‘Ooh Yeh!’ ft Monique Lawz and Geovarn. 

It’s the first release from the singer-songwriter-producer who we’ve been hearing his name flying around across the music sphere. Keeping it 100% homegrown with the featured artists, Sampl presents the next new phrase of R&B. We all know that Monique Lawz has worked with the likes of All About She and Ms. Banks and Geovarn has featured artists Fabian Secon, Jords, Keys, Ruggy and VB. The track resonates with the strings and melodies from 00s R&B against the vocals of Geovarn and Monique Lawz. Sampl has displayed a strong sense of creating great tunes with chilled bangers that’ll definitely make you place them on repeat.


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