Satellite Stories The final studio album from the multi-selling indie group has finally come intuition. Wasting no time, Satellite Stories release catchy ballad “Coupons”.

Already storming with over 10k streams, Satellite Stories present a highly infectious ethereal instrumental that is compacted with grasp electric guitar riffs and lines. The track title of the single makes it twice as catchy that’ll allow you to sing along. In other words, this is straight up indie pop that fans have known Satellite Stories to be.

With over 60 million streams and touring over three continents, clearly, the Finland group have decided to go out with a bang. The album “Cut Out The Lights” will be the first that group will self-produce the album and take creative control. “Coupons” has set the tonne to their loyal fanbase to what the feel of the album would be, which is – energetic and highly infectious.


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