Screen Nation’s 2nd Annual DigitaliS Media Awards had its star studded highlight last night; as prestigious guests from the emerging digital film and television world attended in full fashion style the Mayfair Hotel, hosted by the beautiful Adi Alfa and Reuben Christian.

 Adi Alfa

Guests consisted from actors to producers from many of the emerging webseries (that we’ve mentioned and supported e.g. “How Did We Get Here”, “Dear Jesus”, “Just A Couple” etc), who many were nominated and given a special recognition of becoming the new emerging voice, representation and blueprint for Black Entertainment across film, television and online entertainment.

Letitia Hector & Vanessa Vandepuye

Joivan Wade & Percelle Ascott

Actress Chinwe Nwokolo

Actress Alesha Charmaine

Adi Alfa and Reuben Christian gave impressive speeches about ‘online being the new television.’ Indeed, the voice of the under-represented is being heard all over the world, reaching new audiences as never before…

“Dear Jesus” took home the best prestigious award last night as the Favourite Webseries, beating the likes of ‘Life Of Hers’, ‘Wedding Dates’ and ‘How Did We Get Here’. Danielle Scott-Haughton as well as the whole cast came in full entourage unto the stage as she states her pleasure of directing a cast of full “chocolate, caramel people – including the vanilla”.

Now that sounds like to us a very delicious ice cream combination.

Actress Kamara Bucchus won two awards last night for Favourite Webseries Ensemble alongside her cast mates Helen Aluko, Jacqueline Kirwan & Maria Pazourous and her own first award as the Favourite Actress. The upcoming actress took a second during her winning speech to reflect as to how she was at crossroads with her career,  only for the opportunity to work with the amazing new film talent duo Ola Masha and Olan Collardy.


Another actor that also has been hustling hard is Michael Salami, who was very shocked at his win. From his early debut in the film industry to working with Sebastan Thiel (UpShot Productions) in comedy ‘Just A Couple’ and drama ‘SPIN’, 2015’s Favourite Webseries Actor is forever rising to the top. Plus, he dedicates the award to his lovely son and mother!

UpShot Director Sebastian Thiel & Michael Salami

“Sweet mother, how can I forget you? The way you suffer, you suffer for me yeah…” 

Comedian Eddie Kadi presented one of the first special Digital Vanguard Awards to leading trailblazer of YouTube comedy, Tolu Ogunmenfun aka Don’t Jealous Me. In the most comedic way ever, Kadi appreciates the comedian for getting him updated with online media. Post – Don’t Jealous Me, Ogunmenfun has gone on to do more great things. Whether it’s going around the world to perform at gigs or even getting endorsement deals from the likes of Lebara and Adidas, Ogunmenfun has inspired others to showcase and be proud of their comedic skits.

There’s more to celebrate for the comedian, as he publicly announced his engagement! Congratulations Tolu!


Tolu Ogunmenfun (Don't Jealous Me)

Writer of Channel 4’s smash hit comedy ‘Chewing Gum’ Micheal Coel presented Cecile Emekee the second honouree for the Digital Vanguard for her impressive new film innovative of the everyday walks of Black Lives in ‘Strolling.’ She already begun getting the debate  flowing by connecting Blacks across Europe, so we know for sure that she’ll have her sights on South America, Africa and everywhere else for that matter.

Beauty blogger Shirley B. Eniang was honoured last night as the Digital Achiever. Her beauty, wisdom and fashion have placed her on the map for her ever jewelled high-spirits. She’s the girl that has become everyone’s bestie. The girl that you can go shopping with; the girl who’s down for your dreams regardless.

The British Blacklist won the Best Entertainment Arts/Lifestyle Site while LinkUp TV was the winner of the Favourite Youth Entertainment Lifestyle Mag, with Presenter Remel London taking the award on behalf of the team.

IMG_0122 (1)

Claire Clottey won Favourite Presenter with a huge applause and cries of happiness.

Truly the night was inspiring. Many have gone out of their way to pursue their dream. Whether it’s by dropping out of university (we know how harsh that one is) or to place their career on the shelf for good. Previous recipients such as Letitia Hector, who has been consistent in the entertainment industry, and has gone on to gain her major acting role in ‘Venus vs Mars’. So be rest assured that this award show will become the Britain’s Black BAFTA just as much as #BlackTwitter.

Watch this space, because you haven’t seen nothing yet.

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