Secret Rendezvous video ‘U Send Me Flying’ will have you on a high with their eclectic mix of eighties techno and R&B vocals stylings.

The finished effect is a chilled pop ballad that’ll make you understand why the Amsterdam duo is gaining attention from Pharrell Williams (whom played their track ‘Better Than She Can’ on Beats1) and Pause Musicale, Vevo NL and MTV France. This track will make you do nothing but take a winddown, relax and send you to your imaginary peaceful place. After meeting whilst studying pop music at Conservatory in Rotterdam,  member duo Sietske Morsch and Remi Lauw, have never looked back since and have released their debut album ‘Paint The Town Red‘, which their song ‘Secret Rendezvous’ caught the attention of the biggest rock-band of the world Coldplay.

‘U Send Me Flying’ plays on eighties pop instrumentals with soft techno. The music video follows suit with the simplistic cinematography used in the era as a diverse range of dancers, show off their dance moves in the streets. There’s nothing more than we want than for Secret Rendenzvous to continue with their unique sound and are sure that this single will be all over the music blogs and playlists.


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