NEW!!! Shades ft Killa P – ‘Alarma’


New music video is set at the back of a stripped underground space that has accompanied fizzy and eye-dizzy visuals, thanks to the artistic direction of Melody Maker.

The music video states everything that we’ve said about the track: gritty and dark; with harsh lightening between green, blue and red cinematography palette. It’s definitely has the spirit of the UK underground scene that has brought out three of the genres that have become part of homegrown music. ‘Alarma‘ is also definitely one for the penultimate leg of festival season too. Killa P’s patois rap is what will get the fans tick to dance against the aggressive backdrop of  the strong synth beats. Taken from their current release “The Shades of Darkness”, that consists of a 12-pack compilation of sounds, SHADES continue to prove that of their ear to the ground and their risk take of clashing hard tempos to deliver straight up club banger


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