Britain’s great R&B breakthrough Shakka has wholly produced another anthem that we feel will break the charts.

If you thought that ‘Say Nada’ was a track to go by, then you haven’t heard anything yet, as his newly released ‘Heart the Weekend’ is about to blast your speakers off!

‘Heart the Weekend’ is all about of the adventures, fun, and mayhem that the weekends brings. Especially when it’s the only time that one can partay! The bassline is enough to catch you immediately at the beginning once he states ‘I beg man shut up.’  It plays on the clever rhythm of Trap in the lyrics before adding the Shakka touch of the bass that’ll get you bouncing your head in the car. We’ve always known that the artist is also a producer who has created most of his tracks. Hence why his tracks are second to none. Our favourites include  ‘Chasing Elephants’, ‘They Don’t Know Nothing’, and of course, ‘Say Nada.’ 

‘Heart the Weekend’ marks the next chapter for Shakka, who performed in the US at the SXSW. The track follows his return back on in the game following his EP ‘The Island’ and ‘The Lost Boys’.


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