Shakka releases a single that will have every man relating. Fellas, have you ever been in the position where a woman has ever gone way too fast in a relationship?

“She doesn’t want to be no side, she just wanna be my wife.”

Even to add the extra sauce to this tropical-afrobeat track comes a feature from AlunaGeorge, who delivers her sweet voice with the lyrics representing the female in the situation. Considering the rhythm of the single, AlunaGeorge is the perfect seduction for the track with lyrics such as “I’m a Kilimanjaro, if you can’t aim low, I can’t take you there” and “Baby, you’re feeling my power…I’m a dangerous flower. Baby you getting the vibbar, I am your diva…”

Alongside to AlunaGeorge being featured comes with JAE5, popularly known for producing the sound for J Hus being the producer for the single. Still, Shakka delivers his own spin to bring us another huge banger that has his wavy name on it, as we all know Shakka as become a sensation known for creating bangers time and time again.



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