Ladies and gentlemen, feast your eyes on another upcoming webseries by writer/director Chuba Obi’s dramatized anthology of love and deceit.

Following the similar format of Netflix thriller hit ‘Black Mirror,’ each episode will have a different cast. The pilot episode entitled ‘Stop That Wedding’, stars Jessica Jay and Marc Gordon, who are cast as Robert and Diana.

Diana’s heart-broken over her lover’s sudden decision to end their five-year relationship. At this point, she feels rejected until she discovers the true reasons for Robert’s exit and his new lover…

Three other episodes are also in the works. These are ‘Who is Yolanda’, ‘Internet Fraud’ and ‘Vengeance of a Child’.  ‘Stop That Wedding’ was inspired by the stage play of ‘The Human Voice’ by French Jean Cocteau, adapted into a television series in 1966 starring Hollywood legend Ingrid Bergman and later rebooted in 2014 starring Sophia Loren.

“I developed other ideas along the line that moved away from the original story, but remained inspired by it.”

Obi has appointed a strong film crew behind the scenes. Brad Watson has experience in both Editing and Original Music Score, with credits in films ‘Hallows Eve’ and ‘Asylum Night’, in which the film won Best Feature at the Edinburgh Film Festival. Dargmar Scheibenreif takes beautiful photos of films ‘Damselfish’ and ‘Dust’. The Sound Recordist is Ewerton Rodrigo, who has done music for ‘My Beautiful White Skin’, ‘Into the Grey’ and ‘Softly, Softly Catchy Monkey’. Nico Metten joins the Sound Team by being the Sound Editor. The German-born Editor has done sound editing for films such as ‘Mountain Fever’, ‘It Is Now’ and ‘Isla’. Sarah Shaw provides the make-up and the continuation of the show. The Okeke duo (Nkiru Okeke and Azubuike Okeke) are credited for the Location and Set Design whilst Dipesh Silwal is the Production Assistant.


  1. This film is out now. Awesome brilliant captivating stuff. All the way full of twists and turns and a fantastic climax. Really really good.

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