Nelson Ekaragha’s comedy short ‘A Shea Tragedy’ exceeds in simplicity and creativity.

The short delivers in humour about one of the most natural beauty ingredients used in the Black community. After watching his past projects ‘Balls of Love’ and ‘Let Me Be’, Ekaragha takes things back to the basics of beautiful filming and viewers get to see the sound cohesion of each shorts’ synopsis and Ekaragha’s quick progression in film editing and production.

Clearly, the actor/filmmaker Ekaragha has a flair for screenwriting humorous content. His own style filming (thanks to Fola Abatan’s camerawork on their fourth film project together) is a showcase as to how much talent runs in his family. Also prevalent is Christopher Chuky, another name that has an abundance of art talent. The actor/director is the mastermind behind the art direction of Age of L.U.N.A’s music videos under Biscora, where he is one of the directors. His film ‘False Men’ was screened at the London Shorts Film Festival this year, with plans to also secure the same success for his second film project ‘Broken Eden’. 



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