Shenna warms us to her unique sound with her new single “Conversation” following the official music video for her track “Magenta”. 

With a diverse background, Shenna has been able to land herself a couple of campaigns with the recent being with Reebok. However, besides the other professions being a model and a dancer, Shenna is becoming more well known for her music. Take note people, her last singles from have been featured on the top shows such as Oxygen’s The Bad Girls Club (“You Can’t Sit With Us,” “Made Of Gold,” “So Love”), MTV’s Teen Mom OG (“Control“), MTV’s Finding Carter (“Take Your Time).

Her new single “Conversation” has a pop-melodies that has intricate details of R&B in the mix. The tenderness of the vocals are similar to something along the lines of Saya, before she escalate the single with her beauty higher pitch vocals. Speaking on the single, Shenna writes that people “…feel that a lot of times people avoid telling someone they care about the truth, afraid they will hurt them but in reality it’s hurting both sides by not having a real personal conversation to hash out problems.”


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