Ric Roman Waugh (‘Total Recall’, ‘The One’) directs and writes the screenplay that sees a newly released prisoner dive into the world of crime in Southern California.

Omari Hardwick has a supporting role in this film that theme around gangs. It sees  Coster-Waldau take a role of a violent gangster from his popular character Jaime Lannister in hit show ‘Games of Thrones’. There’s also Jon Bernthal who’s  cast as Frank ‘Shotgun’. He was in the smash hit ‘Baby Driver’ and will be starring in the upcoming television show ‘The Punisher’ and has secured a role in ‘Stingray’, which is set to be released next year in 2018.

Viewers are brought into the hardcore hustle of gangs, and the struggle to start a new life and leaving the past behind without being forced back into the vices that one is running away from.


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