Sirens by Olivia Fraser was authentically raw and stripped to the core with its story-line of three friends, who were at the crossroads of their friendship. Actresses Scarlett Carter, Ailema De Sousa and Oyin Balogun played the lead roles. On face value one could expect the stereotypical case of the ‘Angry Black Female’, but this wasn’t one of them  Fraser allowed all three leads (Lena, Jasmine, and Danielle) to have their moment to shine with their individual dialogues, with social themes being expressed within the script. Everyone could find something relatable with each of the leading characters in the play. No matter the circumstances, the three girls had a stronger bond that’s thicker than water.

Bridge Media offered a fierce production over the choice of music to reflect the change of scenery. There were also supporting actors in ‘Sirens’ and these include Tola Teriba, Rachel Grace and Debbie Gayle. Their performances in ‘Sirens’ added the sense of realism to the struggles and successes within the play plot. Sure there were some funny moments, but alongside that, there were some fierce and serious dialogue lines that would make one to ‘click’ their fingers in applause. Fraser intertwined a little poetry within her script and a sense of reflection among these three characters (played by Carter, Balogun and De Sousa) and their perspective of their friendship. It’s almost like they’re one of the same, and relatable to so many young black British.

Just before Olivia and her team took to the stage we spoke to the LOST theatre team about Sirens and this is what they had to say:

LOST is dedicated to promoting and developing young and emerging talent (and Sirens) works well with our mission statement as the people involved were emerging talent.

We would like to stress how organised and professional the company were during their time with us and how lovely and considerate they were when in the building


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