Daniel Rusteau went back to his man-cave to produce more writing work following the success of his webseries ‘Wedding Dates’.¬†

It’s his love for cinematography and writing enthusiasm that he presents to us ‘Sky Above, Sand Below’ in the celebration of ¬†Mental Health Awareness Week.

‘Sky Above, Sand Below’ is a piece that plays on the illusion. From a viewers perspective, we think that his next Mia is actually there in present when actually…

What can we say? It seems that Camron was romantically in love with Mia, and he’s been in a love turmoil with himself following the breakup. This caused him to breakdown and be hard on himself. Now for a male to go through that, that’s one sure mental torment. Fortunately though, Camron begins to slowly release those emotions after Mia comforts him and reassures him that everything is going to be okay.

The short is parallel from the normal happy-go-lucky cinematography. For one it was shot in Film Noir, to set the scene and there with a conversational random dialogue that exposes Mia and Camron’s chemistry and awkward moments. ¬†Everything about this short has Rusteau hand in it. So it makes sense as to why he was hiding so long.






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