Damson Idris (‘Just A Couple’ webseries)  has done successfully well with his first major debut as Franklin Saint in FX’s crime drama ‘Snowfall’. The show is getting renewed for a second season, making Idris to be placed right in the spotlight with other Black Brits who are taking over Hollywood.

UK fans will be happy to know that the first season of ‘Snowfall’ will now be showing on Britain’s BBC Two. The anticipated show follows a young boy during the crack cocaine epidemic in eighties America. There’s a lot of people and dirty secrets involved in the ten-part show, but everything told from Saint’s perspective, who is only looking for a better life and has already gained a good education.

People will obviously compare the show to the real hidden truth of a criminal event that has had a social and racial impact on a group of people who were deprived in poverty. We all know the skeletons exposed and ‘Snowfall’ shows the infancy of a criminal enterprise.

Tune in to the show on Sunday 8th via BBC Two at 10pm.


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