Utter brilliance is two words to describe this action comedy from Chris Chung.

In association with Directors UK: Challenge ALEXA, ‘Soho Jimbo’ is Chung’s next feature project behind ‘Handuken’, ‘Banana Bitch’ and television mini-series ‘Wok’ . Triads, kung-fu and hitmen are all jam-packed in this action comedy about and average wanderer, who’s caught between the battle of two gangs who seek to conquest Chinatown as their own empire. A mistaken identity leaves both gangs to fight for the survival.

The feature film has a long list of cast members including Jing Lang, Leon Sua, Ling Whye Hang, Guymon Cheung, Nicky Cheung and Samo (‘The Canary’), with star Bruce Chong, who was previously in ‘Wok’. Indifferent to Stephen Chow’s classic ‘Kung-Fu Hustle,‘ ‘Soho Jimbo’  fast-pace, without any added stunts. Inspired by Kurosawa’s ‘Yojimbo’ Chung makes a loose pastiche of an infamous hitman.

Oh, and did we mention that it was shot within 48 hours?


Writer & Director – Chris Chung
Producer – Christine Cheung
Executive producers – Milan Krsljanin & Abigail Berry
Director of Photography – Kit Fraser
Original Score – Shawn Lyon
Editor – Greg Hayes
Production Coordinator – Lauren Allen
First Assistant Director – Kole Onis
Focus Puller – Ralph Messer
Clapper Loaders – Joe Douglas & Michael McInally
Steadicam Operator – Emilio Schlappi
DIT – Alix Milan
Gaffer – Aldo Camilleri
Spark – Laura Gallop
Additional Sparks – Ross Lasme & Eric Yuhico
Sound Recordists – Duncan Patterson & Luke Harris
Art Director – Juliet Bryant
Make-up artist – Natalia Anakkar
Action Choreographer – Chris Chung
Sunt Co-ordinator – Russell Macleod
Stills Photographer – Dan Donovan
Edit Producer – Antonia Porter @ Whitehouse Post
Colourist – Chris Francis
DI Producer – Todd Kleparski @ Company 3
VFX – Miguel Wratten, Ben Gallagher, Antoine Gourlez @ Nice Biscuits
Sound Design & Mix – Dave S. Walker
Runners – Tashi Hanlon, Elliot Hashtroudi, Olga Koleff, Bill Merner


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