Media calls them the most violent group of our time, but it’s was NWA that brought the hustle of the streets to the limelight. Yet we heard that there was extra security for the screenings –and nothing happened…much to the haters, the film beat every release that came out that week $56.1 Billion placing it among the best and legendary movies of a group that set the stage of Hip Hop that it was originally known for in a non-violent terms. There hit spread route about the instructional racist injustice of the police brutality of Black people (since their existence in American society) as well as the Los Angeles riots. They were the voice and yet very entrepreneurial about their business of music.

Plus, Ice Cube passes the bat to his son O’Shea Jackson Jr., who plays his Father. #Legend. Family legacy passed on as we see it…

Acting alongside Jackson are Corey Hawkins as Dr Dre and Jason Mitchell as Eazy-E. The movie itself was made by Dr Dre and Ice Cube themselves with Matt Alavrez and Tomica Woods-Wright. Not only that director behind “Friday” and “Set It Off” F. Gray Gray brings the script to life. Executive Producer includes Will Packer, Gray, David Engel, Bill Straus, Ronald G. Muhammad, Scott Berstein and Adam Merims.

The struggle is relative to Black people across the diaspora. Check out when Krept & Konan took Jackson and Mitchell to their council estate in London.

“Wha’ up Dre…I got something to say.” 

At times you have to rebel against the system to mark change…you grab your freedom. And it’s this conscious side of Hip Hop that speaks truth that is greatly missed.

So go the movie people TODAY.




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