Stratz takes a risk by creating a merge between Jamaican dancehall and modern Hip Hop with the sweet ingredient of female vocals and Jamaican rhythm. It’s irregular combination yet a perfect blend of genres that have shaped popular culture.

Representing the TNT gang, Stratz presents a more positive message of doing more and giving more back. His lyricism is just as spicy as any jerk chicken that you may have had in this life. Stratz has something to offer more with the advancement of Jamaican culture after Stefflon-Don continues to rap with the official language within the lyrics. Now that has given her the honor to become one of the first UK artists on the XXL Class of 2018.

However, resuming back to all thing Stratz, this is one track that makes Stratz distinctive among the rest who have bounced on the Afrowave. He still has the sense of that consciousness with his Hip Hop influences in which we can hear in the track. Instead of making an easily club banger (considering the season that we are in), he decides to deliver a message against the summer heat.


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