Swaati presents a unusual influence of pop mixed with global and world music that’s made M.I.A to stand out from the crowd. “Catch Me” has a playful composition of trumpets and drums in the midst of her soft vocals. In fact the composition of the track stems from her fusion of fusion of electronic, commercial and French House that has pitched her alongside the likes of London Grammar and Grimes.

With this explosion and creative fusion of sound within her music, “Catch Me” is set to be no different, the track is full of life and yet a fruitful tapestry of dance-pop, produced by a diverse group of Ross Lowe, Kaz & Luke Fitzpatrick and Karan Kashyap. You can consider it bittersweet and powerful, whilst others would think that this is more a splash for dance in a new music age. Whatever your opinion would, there’s no deny that this track is one hot jam perfect for DJs and fans who are pumped right into the festival spirit.



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