Michael Dapaah has released the first episode of his anticipated mockumentary that celebrates the diversity of London.

Now, if you don’t recognise Dapaah, well…the best way for us to trigger your memory is the term social media.

In #SWIL, Dapaah plays different personas of people from London. You have Dr Ofori who’s a counsellor by day and an Uber Cab Driver by night; with his macking skills being on the same level as your African freshies who’ve just learnt how to be fluent in English. Then you have Patrick the Community police officer who’s out for some freebies…and then Trapper-Rapper poet  MC Quakez who’s about to break  the London music scene – even though he’s inspired by the vivid work of Junior from ‘My Wife and Kids’…(sigh).

Despite their different individuals with their personalities, all them want to embark on gaining success.

Already his first episode is pure brilliance. If you thought Kayode Ewumi’s ‘Hood Documentary’ was the starter for promoting diverse comedy then #SWIL (Somewhere In London) is the going to be your main course for laughs that will give your stomach the exercise it deserves. Marv Brown is another comrat to be recognised, as he helped with Dapaah on the execution and production of this mockumentary.

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