With the celebration of SZA being one of the most talked about R&B goddesses of 2017, Fraser releases album visual that focuses on three of the SZA's songs from her multi-grammy-nominated album "CTRL".


It's official that now filmmakers are joined into the music mix of creating what we call 'music movie videos'. We've seen it with Jay-Z and his "4.44" album as well as his wife Beyonce (who started the whole idea off - by the way). This mini-visual stars the likes of Alesha Charmaine ('Boys', 'Adam & Eve'), Nathaniel Thomas ('Girls') and newbie Chante Louise Frazer. Three songs from SZA's "CTRL" have been given a storyline - "The Weekend", "Pretty Little Birds" and "Normal Girl"; told in the intimate perspective of the 'other chick' (played by Alesha Charmaine) whose quest for love is at a crossroads. The video is somewhat stimulating yet emotional. A very intriguing viewing that makes you wonder why in the universe of the stars that Ms. Fraser didn't continue with a full visual album of SZA's project. As we all know, Fraser has proven her fluid array for writing scripts with 'Sirens', 'Pretty Ok' and 'I Am'. To even top this mini-story off, she had Monet Morgan provide the editing.

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