Monday, September 23, 2019
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“A Lesson Learnt” Episodes

“A Lesson Learnt” – Episode 6 The final episode. Remember the drama isn't over, as Season 2 is coming.  

“A Lesson Learnt” – Episode 4

So sad that we've come to the end of an amazing drama short from Priscilla Owusu, whilst it being directed by Danny Wonders. In this...

“A Lesson Learnt” – Episode 3

Things get heated between Sandra and Louis mum, as she realises that her possesiveness over her son has got more to do with the...

“A Lesson Learnt” – Episode 2

It's another special episode with Danny Wonders "A Lesson Learnt" as he takes on episode 2. The wedge between Sandra and Louis' mom continues to...