Saturday, January 20, 2018
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*EXCLUSIVE PEEK* House Party – Chae-Jamal McFarlane, Derek Oppong, Sharon Oji & Emmanuel Okeowo

'House Party' is one best-kept secrets by Bridge Media that has just been released for your viewing pleasure. The private screening yesterday was a...

FIRST LOOK: ‘House Party’ – Chae-Jamal McFarlane, Derek Oppong, Sharon Oji & Emmanuel Okeowo

Bridge drift away from his romantic comedy 'Handled With Care' to present 'House Party' is a four-part mini-series surrounding what should have been the best...

Reality 2.0 – Racist Porn

The title is self-explanatory.

Reality 2.0 – Booty Tickle

Things get explicit about the low-down of the Booty Tickle. With guest stars Alesha Charmaine and David Ajao.

Undiagnosed – Lucky

Letisha sits down with her friend as they both share their experiences and inner desires of having each other's lives. Vote for 'Undiagnosed' in their...

Reality 2.0 – Reparations

Sam Benjamin stars in the new episode that deals with the most political topics. Whilst watching this just remember that Rihanna song about '*Beep*  better...

Screen Nation’s 4th Digital-Is Media Awards -The Nominations

The fourth annual nominations are out and it seems that that thing is shaking up with the nominations. Let's been clear 2017 has been...well you...

Reality 2.0 – Grenfell

Grenfell is one of the most tragic moments in 2017, as it brought out a lot of hidden layers about our world and the...

Reality 2.0 – Don’t Touch The Fro

'Don't Touch My Hair' - Solange Knowles

Reality 2.0 – Cat Calling

Nathan Bryon's hit comical commentary show 'Reality' returns with the first episode dealing with cat-calling and sexual harassment. Starring Tanya Fear and Karl Queensborough...

Lloyd – Trouble

It's the final episode of 'Lloyd' and trouble awaits for our protagonist. Does he come out of the situation alive?

Growin’ Pains Webseries – Episode Three

Kyla gets a surprise visit from her mum and things get awry for Aaron as his quest to be on the straight and narrow...

Living With My Brothers – Beach

The boys rely on Juju powers to find Marnie's whereabouts.

Lloyd – Back to the Single Life

So, Lloyd founds out more about his break up with Marie that leaves him in distraught, but his friend helps him to get over...

#Reality: A Social Commentary 2.0 – Highlights

The webseries by Nathan Bryon has proven to be a hit and a potential contender in the world of entertainment. Brilliantly mixing humour and...