Monday, September 23, 2019
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FIRST LOOK: ‘Nate & Jamie’ – Season II

The anticipated duo 'Nate & Jamie' are back! And it looks like the cinematography and filming has upgraded by Kashif Boothe. Both Joshua Samuels & Samuel...

How We Met Web Series – Episode 1: Back To the Beginning

Watch the first episode of 'How We Met' right now, as Sian invites her followers to her cooking channel to retell with Joseph the...

FIRST LOOK: ‘How We Met’ – Siane Mullings, Eke Chukwu, Naomi Fraser, Madra Ezi,...

Okay, we it may have been a while that we've seen webseries via our website. After the success of 'Concealed', more indie companies are...

Educating Divine – Switch it Up

In a relationship, sometimes you have to switch things up! David wanted to take Divine on a special date to keep their relationship alive, but...

Dreaming Whilst Black – Family Dinners

If anything was needed to be stated out of their chest. It was at those family dinners. @DWBseries @4quarterfilms 4QuarterFilms @4QuarterFilms

Educating Divine – An Average Night Out EducatingDivine @EducatingDivine Educating Divine @educatingdivine

Dreaming Whilst Black – Broke AF

"I need a dollar, dollar. Dollar is what I need yeh eh!" - Aloe Blacc The struggles of being an intern leave Kwabena in a strain,...

Dreaming Whilst Black – The Great British Race Off

This is the best way to describe the disparities in the creative and arts industry. @DWBseries @4quarterfilms 4QuarterFilms @4QuarterFilms

Educating Divine – She Almost Killed Us

Guess Divine has still alot of learning to do. Check out what happens when she cooks for David's parents. Things don't go down well...

Dreaming Whilst Black – My Name is Kwabena

Missed the premiere? Well, it was a full house. Read the highlights here. In celebration, 4 Quarter Films have uploaded two of the nine-part series....

Educating Divine – DPA

African viewpoint of Displays of Public Affection. Divine doesn't get it AT ALL! EducatingDivine @EducatingDivine Educating Divine @educatingdivine

Dreaming Whilst Black Premiere – The Highlights

'Dreaming Whilst Black'  is what we call a careful production that was actually worth the wait in the steady beat of provocative filming that's...

Educating Divine – Ye Pa!

Both of David's parents foretell their experiences with Divine as she arrives in London. EducatingDivine @EducatingDivine Educating Divine @educatingdivine  

COMING SOON: ‘Imperfect’ – Lauren Douglin, Abbie Samuel, James Merrill & Abayomi Oniyidie

With his last webseries 'Nate & Jamie' winning at the Digital-iS Media Awards, Boothe does a spin-off starring main girls Lauren Douglin and Abbie...

Educating Divine – Meet David and Divine

Meet the David and Divine Ogundola -a traditional couple from two different worlds. EducatingDivine @EducatingDivine Educating Divine @educatingdivine