Monday, December 9, 2019
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FIRST LOOK: ‘The Woods’ – Nisaro Karim, Sam Malley & Zara Valerie Lane

As promised, Sheikh Shahnawaz  presents  two shorts; with the second being more in the realms of a horror instead of his usual thrillers. Apart from his...

FIRST LOOK: ‘DUALITY’ – Sharni Tapako-Brown & Nisaro Karim

Nothing can be said about our new discovery filmmaker who has recently DM us about his new short thriller 'Duality'. In the eyes of...

FIRST LOOK: ‘Witness’ – Sam Malley, Nisaro Karim & Liam Millard

Sheikh Shahnawaz is producing a new short film every month, and the recent new film stars Birmingham's Nisaro Karim and Sam Malley, who'll also...