Saturday, January 20, 2018
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*EXCLUSIVE PEEK* House Party – Chae-Jamal McFarlane, Derek Oppong, Sharon Oji & Emmanuel Okeowo

'House Party' is one best-kept secrets by Bridge Media that has just been released for your viewing pleasure. The private screening yesterday was a...

FIRST LOOK: ‘Classified Freaks’ – Shuhel Ahmed, Carmen Rain Lykoo, Sam Pola & Ben...

We start the year with another new wave of webshows made in the UK. Coinciding with 'The Art of People' is new show 'Classified Freaks' that...

FIRST LOOK: ‘House Party’ – Chae-Jamal McFarlane, Derek Oppong, Sharon Oji & Emmanuel Okeowo

Bridge drift away from his romantic comedy 'Handled With Care' to present 'House Party' is a four-part mini-series surrounding what should have been the best...

Reality 2.0 – Racist Porn

The title is self-explanatory.

Brenda: The Alternative Steward – Brenda Nails It


Brenda: The Alternative Steward – Brenda’s Day Off

Time to relax Brenda.

Brenda: The Alternative Steward – Brenda Goes Back To The Drawing Board

Guess it's back to square one for Brenda. Time to refocus.

Reality 2.0 – Booty Tickle

Things get explicit about the low-down of the Booty Tickle. With guest stars Alesha Charmaine and David Ajao.

FIRST LOOK: ‘AOP VS The World’ – Harriet Smithers, Esmonde Cole, Lucinda Davidson, Melanie...

You may not have heard about Jenkinson Denzel Southern last year, but in 2018 you'll about to hear more about the budding filmmaker as...

Undiagnosed – Lucky

Letisha sits down with her friend as they both share their experiences and inner desires of having each other's lives. Vote for 'Undiagnosed' in their...

Reality 2.0 – Reparations

Sam Benjamin stars in the new episode that deals with the most political topics. Whilst watching this just remember that Rihanna song about '*Beep*  better...

Reality 2.0 – Grenfell

Grenfell is one of the most tragic moments in 2017, as it brought out a lot of hidden layers about our world and the...

Reality 2.0 – Don’t Touch The Fro

'Don't Touch My Hair' - Solange Knowles

Reality 2.0 – Cat Calling

Nathan Bryon's hit comical commentary show 'Reality' returns with the first episode dealing with cat-calling and sexual harassment. Starring Tanya Fear and Karl Queensborough...

Lloyd – Trouble

It's the final episode of 'Lloyd' and trouble awaits for our protagonist. Does he come out of the situation alive?