Horizon Media have teased a little something about their new webseries that follows a young black hat hacker who’s skills are needed to pave the way for a free new world; despite suffering from bipolar and social anxiety.


Set around a fictional video game ‘WatchDogs’, hacking collective DEDSEC, are set on a mission to take on a huge cyber security power corp Blume, who pay off corrupt politicians, spy and collect extensive information on their citizens against their will.

So far DEDSEC are the only ones exposed to this truth and therefore recruit Jacob to annihilate, which in return will allow citizens to take control of their own privacy rights.

The show is directed, written, edited and created by Karl Doble. It’s produced by Horizon Media with cast members Chris Gaylard, Rhys Worley,and Summer Tavers also among the crew credits in terms of directing and make-up. ‘The Matrix’, ‘Black Mirror’ and iBoy are just the few originals that have played around and taken advantage of the new digital age. All of whom have received a wide acclaim from both critics and the public on the basis on bringing politics into question about cyber rights and the higher power…not to mention the thrills and adrenaline of suspense.

Having said that, the video game concept is an intelligent concept. Unfortunately, we can’t reveal anything else in terms of the webseries synopsis, but we’ll sure be on the lookout once the show goes live.



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