Taken from their upcoming EP “Out of Sea” that is scheduled to be out on the 23rd Feb, TALMA releases an alternative rock ballad entitled “In Circles”.

In full alternative-rock bliss, TALMA delivers on the classic guitar riffs and the syncopated based lines. It’s a trickle in the spine sound instrumentals that we heard from the likes of Coldplay. The single reveals the “…sense of apathy we can experience when returning to a routine lifestyle after time away from it all.” Despite the unique take on routine regime leading vocalist, James Creed reveals that “We then have a choice; to resign ourselves to the security of these sleepless cycles or to take a chance, step away from paths well known and chase a new sense of meaning.” Indeed, the twinning of the guitars is strong, but the fact that they returned the original elements of alternative rock whereby you have lyrics that are undeniably blunt is what makes this single a breath of excitement towards their second EP,

“Out of Sea” has three tracks on the tracklist, and these include the likes of same track name of an album, “Lifelines” and “Starless Skies”.



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