Teri Eloise has a sweet voice, so it’s a little surprising that she opted from a Trap R&B vibe “Blossom” that has influence of Caribbean melodies.

Professing a spirit of self-determination and self-love, Eloise dedicates this song to the fearless females who are always on their grind – and to some extent, you have feel that within the lyrics as Eloise’s soft vocals contain an element of attitude within them. Similar to the kind of vocalability that Gwen Stefani. The single is dark consisting with calypso reggae-tingle strings before the popular dramatic base begins to kick in. It’s gravitating, catchy and one that can become’s either one guility pleasure or motivational gem. If Ariana Grande’s “God Is A Woman” didn’t cry out for female empowerment, then maybe you can play Eloise’s “Blossom” down in your car drop-top.


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