If you haven’t heard about the webseries ‘That’s What She Said’, then here is something for you ladies ‘who run the this mutha mutha…’

Created by Adele James and Lauren Cornelius, ‘That’s What She Said’ follows five young females with different personalities on their every day pursuits in the extraordinary international mecca of the world – London. With help from Daniel Harding’s 23 1/2 films production company, ‘That’s What She Said’ returns to represent the real lives of ladies living in London town. Both James and Cornelius star in the show as controlling Shan and closed-book Leah. Hooper plays the flirtatious Soph, Goodfellow is the feminist and Andrews is the embodiment of the modern 21st Century woman.

….*Random* 21st Century girl.…(singing)

Your night-ins alone in your pyjamas eating ice-cream will NEVER BE THE SAME AGAIN with this funny-fabulous-five. For more updates, follow them on Facebook and subscribe to the official Youtube channel. 



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