It was a buzz last year and a great leap for actor Joivan Wade, who is popularly known for being part of Mandem On The Wall. He makes his transition into Hollywood and stars in horror 'The First Purge' . He's set to also be in another horror called 'The Dare' by Giles Alderson alongside Devora Wilde and Percelle Ascott, scheduled to be released in February 2019 (IMDB)

Resuming back to basics, James DeMonaco is back 'The First Purge'. Not only is he releasing a fourth to the sequel, he's also working with James Blum's Blumhouse Productions (you know, the ones who distributed Peele's 'Get Out') to release the follow up from his highly grossed 'Purge' series. We're guessing that this third one is about to take the whole demonic-psychopathic purging to a whole level - and the ironic part of it is the fact that the film is scheduled to be released right on the celebration of Independence Day. MAD.

Joivan Wade stars alongside Marisa Tomei who was in "Spider-Man Homecoming" and "Captain America: Civil War". There's also Y'lan Noel ('Insecure') among the star cast.

UK release of "The First Purge" is OUT NOW.



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