FIRST LOOK: “The Law of Noir” – Kyle Bell, Jade Samuels, Craige Middleburg, Tenisha White & Mandy Thandi


'Graycon' was such a great film that placed the supernatural quest of time-travel. Even though we were impressed by the clever storyline and the cinematography, we always gave Roberts high praise for his drama pieces.

THE LAW OF NOIR | Official Trailer from CarmaFilm Motion Pictures on Vimeo.

Duaine Carma Roberts already told us in advance last year that he was working on a new film that fits in his portfolio (judging by the work that he's done so far) - and 'The Law Of Noir' is a crime thriller that sets a young law intern with his highest case yet. The storyline is more sensitive than what we saw with his debut 'Curiosity Calls'. The trailer introduces newcomers Kyle Bell, Tenisha White and Jade Samuels into the spotlight. We also see Craige Middleburg taking the role of the suspect in the film and has been definitely putting in the work after gaining a supporting role in 'Money Tree' and a lead role 'Hungry Dogs'. There are small appearances in the trailer from Birmingham's familiar faces such as Nisaro Karim and Andre Pierre ('Graycon', 'Curiosity Calls'), who recently starred in the short film 'Last Night In Freedom' by Click Jones.

Set to be released in the Spring of this year, Roberts hopes that this film will deliver more on the suspense element.


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