FIRST LOOK: ‘The Return of The Ring’ – Rhianne Elizabeth, Sam Malley, Theo Johnson, Nisaro Karim & Thomas Compton


With 4K being the new technology for cinematography, one must have the ability to not only master it, but produce a great storyline that sets them apart from other film content Already, we've seen this with R.M Moses 'Mandem', which has already reached a whopping over 100k views via UK Fully Focused, and now there's call for a continuation of the hoodlum-turned-sci-fi.

Whether or not he'll do it, knowing that he's announced a casting call for his next short film 'Poison' is up in the air, but for now what's buzzing is actually coming from a Brum, as we've already spoken about Abudulrahman Ugas creating a fan film based on 'The Lord of the Rings' and it has already passed the 250k mark. Cleverly done and set within our times Ugas has shown that he has an eye for writing. Remember we disclose AGAIN that this isn't the main film, but a fan-film of a trilogy that exceeded everything with the cinematography, costumes, script, acting (yeah, yeah....we may continue but we're going to leave it here)...

Dark yet thrilling, Ugas has worked carefully on the art and he wants to bring the best of Birmingham on a high too, knowing that people now have the power to create film content. Not only that can be great but it also brings challenges and makes standards higher if the aspirations for the young filmmaker is to be recognized by the BFI. Still this is a great start and it was definitely worth the wait. Ugas fan-film has that mix of a modern-day sci-fi that hasn't been experimented before. A clever use of props that can make the film believable with the resources that's available. We guess that it was Ugas goal to set the fictitious idea as to what it would have been like if 'The Lord of the Ring' was ever set to return back, was ever to be placed in the hands of a young director. And to top it all off, he's just started something as this is Chapter 1 - just Chapter 1.


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