NEW!!! The Tailormade – Spinning Around


The Tailormade continue to make more comical content follow their 3D animation take of ITV’s ‘Take Me Out’ with their new music video that has puppets with their new music video “Spinning Around”.

The song is a funny take on “Drunk in Love.” The pop-rock anthem has funny lyrics that many can relate. The funny video comes after their release of the track “Life of Sampson” a 5-track box that explores the twirls of love, heartbreak and jealousy of Sampson. The fast pace of the verses compliments the everyday of routine life as the video portrays, before going on a night out and then later getting smashed, followed by a hangover. You could say that these guys are a mature version on The McFly as they relate reality of being a bloke looking for love as a reality. Hence why they hide behind the character Sampson.

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