FIRST LOOK: ‘The Woods’ – Nisaro Karim, Sam Malley & Zara Valerie Lane


As promised, Sheikh Shahnawaz  presents  two shorts; with the second being more in the realms of a horror instead of his usual thrillers.

Apart from his gaming-fortnite reality ‘Gamer’ which deals with a player’s unrealistic addiction, ‘The Woods’ follows a man’s starring no other than Nisaro Karim, Sam Malley and Zara Valerie Lane. It’s almost a psychologically surreal, as the protagonist is in an amnesia. So perhaps maybe ‘The Woods’ is a symbolic place of terror and only he (played by Karim) needs to find his way back to his mental safe place. Savfk does great original music to capture the arising tension and emotion of the protagonist as the violin instrumentals begin to increase in their intensity. At first we thought: ‘Okay, man running in the woods, getting himself out…’ until we’re shocked to found out that actually…

The lighting surrounding Karim provides that sense of immortality. Does he know what happened? Is he really dead?



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