If you have a smart phone, and have done over the past few years, you’d have heard of the Angry Birds game app. Almost 7 years after the app initially landed on IOS for Apple,way back now in December 2009, the movie is finally on its way.

Produced by Sony Pictures and Rovio Entertainment, the Finnish video game distributor who created the Angry Birds franchise, “The Angry Birds Movie” stars Jason Sudeikis, as Red, the face of the franchise who you most probably recognize for always having that angry look on his face! The other birds in the flock get suspicious as to why a herd of pigs has arrived on their island. The pigs are voiced over by award winning US country singer Blake Shelton as Earl and Arrested Development’s Tony Hale who voices Ross.
Also listen out for other famous voices such as “Game of Thrones” Tyrion Lannister, Peter Dinklage. He joins the cast as the voice of The Mighty Eagle. Also listen out for Oscar winner Sean Penn who voices Terence, and British pop singer Charlie XCX as Willow.
The film also boasts a very diverse soundtrack featuring songs from Britney Spears, Sugar Ray, Blake Shelton, and Peter Dinklage who performs The Mighty Eagle song.

This film is bound to be a success, adults and kids alike will literally all flock to see it, and we’re pretty sure this is the first and not the last Hollywood film based on an app! So don’t miss “The Angry Birds” movie, it hits UK cinemas on May 13th 2016.




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