On earlier this week NWD was invited to preview ‘The Big Sick’ my first Amazon Studio (plus Lionsgate & Film Nation) film. After 10 mins into the film, it was clear that this is not going to be your usual rom-com movie.

This film shines a light on cross-cultural relationships showing the older (and some younger) generations view point regarding dating outside one religious or home country. This is way of thinking is still very strong in some parts of the world and some cultures. Yet with this serious topic where many will have an opinion, this film highlights that laughter & love can unite all from all walks of life, religions and cultures. The humour is classical and gets a gold star for originality from us.

The loosely based on a true story of Kumail Nanjiani and his wife Emily V. Gordon who also happen to have written the script for The Big Sick but also starring together in a previous their own rom-com called The Meltdown. The storyline is based on Kumail a Pakistani-American comic who falls in love with a white American girl (Emily). But due to their cultural differences, Kumail finds it hard to introduce her to his traditionally Pakistani family, who hold marriage and children in such a high regard.

‘The Big Sick’ really hit home for me, coming from an African background, culture is something that my parents value a lot and from my knowledge. African cultures are also less acceptant to cross-cultural relationships. Which is what Apatow is portraying here with Kumail and Emily. Emily’s parents are more acceptant than Kumail’s, who are desperately trying to arrange a marriage for him with Pakistani female who here although they have lived in American, they are being portrayed as conventional and holy.The Big Sick’ has been getting positive reviews and I can understand why this is Judd Apatow best offering since 2011’s ‘Bridesmaids’. This movie is engaging, funny, authentic and breaking away from the ‘traditional’ film industry norm by starring a Pakistani man as lead actor in a mainstream American film.

I repeat, this is not your usual rom-com as it touches on real issues relevant in our society today. Certain cultures still view cross-cultural marriage as “not right”, dishonourable and even shameful. I believe this is wrong, these cultures are being stubborn to evolve and understand that marrying outside of your culture is a sign of us evolving. After watching The Big Sick’, I feel like film-makers should shine more light on these matters. If I had to rate The Big Sick’, it’s a 9 out of 10 stars for me, it a great cross-cultural love story with humour, truth and purpose.

See it for yourself July 28th when it hits cinema’s across the UK.   


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