Ella Bennett and Emmanuel Speaks bridge the gap between music and film in new short film/music visual 'The Composer', set in a hybrid of three-parts of a man's journey into masculinity and maturity.

Having become a full-time investor in his own music, Emmanuel Speaks has displayed his love for poetry and intertwined his visuals with the compelling fuel of his musical pursuits. The short follows a young composer Ola, who from a deprived community retraces his friendship with Simon through memorial flashbacks. It's only through the back of instability that Ola must make the adult decision to continue his either rise up from desolation and continue being a Cello player.

Ella Bennett this year began an interesting narrative of a hopeful Black swimmer in the 'The Last Leg'. With 'The Composer', it celebrates the creativity of street youth who can do more than just rap, they can play instruments better than anyone else and the access to these instruments should be available for all.

'The Composer' was written by Jiyan Dave and was produced by Sub Productions.


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