Remi Moses is going to begin 2016 with his biggest project yet.

It’s called the “Genesis Protocol”, which will consist work of seven short films with 24 fresh faces that you should start getting know about – and we mean it.

The Genesis Protocol

This stunning director has already received huge success of his four films this year, after transitioning his directional abilities from music into film. It’s been amazing to see him grow and it’s also been humbling about how many of the actors and actresses appreciate their feature on here with our intriguing interviews.

Big plans from the UK visionary as he’s already tweeted about doing a full length film which will be released in 2018!

The list of actors appearing in these movies include Tola Teriba, Alesha Charmaine, Louis Findlay, Elliot Green, Nathan Hector, Kimberely Paris, Blaise Tykal, Lydea Perkins, Blair Gyabaah, Samuel Kyi Ankrah, William Wilkins, Emily Rosette, Liam Ambalavanar, Risha Ra’Shaun, Georgia Neath, Kathryn Roth, Cienna Blondell, Edilson Abilio, Elander Moore, Gulied Osman, Gary Gudgeon, C Cane, Robert Lieby, Charlie Jobe and Raphel Famotibe.

We’re keeping things under wraps for now; with no post of artwork, posters – nothing. However, we will leave you with this: keep your eyes out with this Genesis Protocol series releasing every two weeks from January 3rd.



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