“We’re just here to change the face of film and TV”  – Nicky Slimting

With just two weeks away from the official release of movie “The Intent”, the hype and momentum continues to build, as the film by Femi Oyeniran (Purple Geko) & Nicky Slimting (Nicky Slimting Films) has already begun changing the game of British Cinema.

It’s a big deal. Sometimes the little things on social media, sometimes the end product doesn’t match up to the hype, but the hype for this is real. There are people, even out there on my social media sites, people that don’t normally get involved in promoting certain things have become attached to this…everyone just want to be part of it. – Seejay 100

With grime reaching its international peak thanks to Stromzy and Skepta and YouTube sensation Too Blunt, more and more are we seeing American artists wanting to work with underground British talent (Chris Brown & Section Boyz is the most recent).  What could be a better time than now? Well, the team at NWD have always known that there was homegrown talent that are “epic, bold and fresh” in the UK – away from the usual mainstream stars; and this movie celebrates that to the fullest. From the emerging actors such as Dylan Ruffus, Ashley Chin (G Money), Sarah Akokhia (Sergeant Rebecca Smith) and Shone Rumulus (D’Angel) to even soundtracks coming from the likes of Ms Banks, Big Tobz, Ghetts x Rude Kid and Paigey Cakey.

Indeed, this isn’t your typical British gangster movie.

“I would say that ‘The Intent’ is the first British Urban Gangster movie. You see a lot of the British Gangster films they’re more based on Cockneys and football films. We just tapped into the urban world of these gangster movies because there are gangsters in the urban world. So, it’s not just a gangster movie, it’s a thriller sort of thing as well. It’s got a lot going on in it but it is the first of the kind of an urban/gangster movie.” – Nicky Slimting

Cast members, artists as well as the crew were in attendance last night. They also highlighted that apart from the common elements that are visible to the seeing eye e.g. action, drama and violence, there are other plots within “The Intent” that has allowed this film to have its own edge. In the words of Nathan Hector, it’s like “Top Boy – 110%, but way more turnt up…” with the gloss of all things urban, as well as other characters that are intertwined with the storyline.

“It’s a gangster film, but it’s not just about that. There’s other things – there’s underline stories that run through so when people get to watch it I think it will blow people’s minds.” – Dylan Duffus

“One thing as an actor which really made me want to be part of this an enticed me to the script was all the sub-plots, all the underline stories, which a little bit maybe external from that gangster world. There’s other characters that got their whole other lives going on, which I think makes the story so much richer and captivating.” – Sarah Akokhia

Seejay 100 is among the endless list of music artists who also appeared in the movie, in addition to his track “Day One’s” with Cadet & Ayo Beatz being one of the official soundtracks. He plays Fire – a new recruit under TIC as well as Hoodz’ cousin the film. He has taken the opportunity with both hands, which is understandable, considering a film like this hasn’t been done before, in the UK. Arguably, this is actually a clever way to promote and place upcoming, emerging talent out there.

“The fact that they’ve mixed a lot of UK rap artists like myself e.g. Krept & Konans, Fekkys, Scrochers…that mix with the movie scene is never really done before.”  – Seejay100

Emani Marz (who plays Sophie in the film) make her acting debut. This is her first major role, whilst still being a student at university. Already, her appearing in the movie has even got the naysayers to become supporters, and industry insides have her on the radar for future projects:

“People still can’t believe that I’m going to be in a movie that’s coming out in cinema. People like ‘Nah man shut up man it’s not going to happen’, but yeah. My friends have bought tickets – they want to see me. I’m excited like…I’m bringing my mum to the premier.” – Emani Marz

The catch about this movie – youth – not to mention that the energy surrounding this movie has created this new idea of family. In the words of Seejay – “everyone involved is neighbours. You can actually go to the cinema and see basically your neighbour on the silver screen.”  The fact that “The Intent” was done by resilient young people shows that anything is possible, regardless of the circumstances.

“It’ll be inspiration to other people. We can write ourselves into roles…maybe we can create our own spaces for things, which is amazing.” – Sarah Akokhia

In the 21st Century, Generations X & Y are more entrepreneurial, more outspoken and more of the go-getters. Many don’t see themselves doing a 9-5 in an office, they’d rather do what they love whilst living life to the fullest. In the words of MLK, they are being the change and being the best at it.

Me and Femi as filmmakers are trying to make that change. We’re filmmakers; we make films for everybody. For any colour, creed, alien…whoever wants to enjoy our films and that’s what we’re going to continue doing.”Nicky Slimting

“The Intent” is available to pre-order via itunes. Tickets are still available to watch the movie across selected UK cinemas via Ourscreen, so book before the 24th.

*PLEASE NOTE* Movie has been certified 15