Sam Benjamin has made his biggest leap yet, and has revealed that he was filmed in a mysterious role in the new 'Justice League' movie!

The film that stars Gal Gadot, Jason Mamoa and Ben Affleck have Sam Benjamin being filmed as an action-packed character. His part in the film was shot outside of Watford, aiding him a step further towards his dreams of being in a big sci-fi film and attaining more Hollywood roles. He set the pace this year with his own sci-fi mini-series 'The Few', where he took the role of the detective that was trying to crack down the villains who attained superpowers over a failed experiment. He's made appearances in BBC's two highest-viewing shows 'The Peaky Blinders' (as Cillian Murphy’s duplicitous Border Officer) and 'Dr Doctor Who', as well as starring in a leading role alongside Kyla Fyre in 'Double Cross'. The actor has always had a love for DC Comics and revealed his early days of reading them.

‘Many of the DC characters and the stories from DC comics inspired, consoled and informed me as a kid. I remember when my Mum couldn't find me a babysitter so I'd go into her hairdressers and she'd sent me to the newsagents with a couple of quid. I always bought a Batman comic. I remember getting sucked into the Knightfall storyline! That was one of the first arcs that had me falling down the DC rabbit hole!'

Benjamin describes Synder as the most 'passionate, energetic and inspiring directors,' that he's worked with in his career. Anxious about the final cut, Benjamin is thrilled that he had a part in one of the biggest superhero franchise series yet. He'll be starring in 'Welcome to Curiosity'  alongside Richard Blackwood and Call the Midwife's actor Jack Ashton, which is set to be released next year.

With all of his diligence of being an actor, screenwriter and director, Mr. Benjamin is moving towards the right direction. Afterall, he does get compared to Ben Affleck!

'I get it a lot. Especially when I am doing an American accent, I always get people saying ‘oh hello young Ben Affleck’. I love his work, so I’ll take it as a compliment. I’ve also got my eye on that Batman role when he hangs up his cape and cowl!’


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