Niall O’Mara, who was last seen in anti-bullying film ‘Will You Kill Me Now’ alongside Jordan Bolger, Ola Christian and Nathan Hector, has got everyone talking again with his new project called ‘The Power Of Ten’.

Dealing with the issue of Obsessive Compulsive, O’Mara writes his first short that looks into the aftermath of the mental illness. Taking direction from ┬áRichard ‘Reddy’ Kay who’s behind the film ‘Trapped’ starring Leo Watson Roberts, ‘The Power of Ten’ is a drama that takes effects on the person’s everyday life.

Also starring in this short are Thom Petty, Andrew Alton Read and Oscar Bunting.

This is O’Mara first writing debut to demonstrate his versatility and stability for playing ‘going to the edge’ characters. We saw that in ‘Will You Kill Me Now’, and will be on the verge of our seat to see how O’Mara channel’s this issue.



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