Lost-Eye Films  new film ‘The Rizen’ gruesomely brings live action thriller with horrid imagery of blood.

The disdain of placing an old 40’s music against the backdrop of sinister occult operations within the realm of science makes one uncomfortable, yet still intrigued to tune in the fight against will. The film is set in 1955, an decade after the Second World War, where NATO and its Allied Forces, have become extremely psychopathic experiment against the civilian population. Now the masses are on the brink of destruction, and only one woman has taken to up to the challenge to lead the main survivors to tackle down the military ill practices.

Could we call it a psychological thriller? Perhaps so. This is more extreme than the current film ‘A Cure for Wellness.’but terrifying grafted, from the setting to the editing. Clare Pearce was the producer whilst Matt Mitchell was the director.

The film will be closing the London Sci-fi Film Festival next month.




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