Hossein Amini, Matthew Michael and Peter Straughan take one of Jo Nesbo thrilling novels and evolve the written piece into a movie that stars Michael Fassbender, Rebecca Ferguson and Chloë Sevigny.


When another serious case of a woman's disappearance become more than just a missing person case a highly skilful task force is requested to crack down growing cases that follow. The lead detective played by British actor Michael Fassbender becomes more and more sure that the killer is known as 'The Snowman' (because of the snowman-like-faces he leaves on his victims) is the one they seek to bring to justice. The killer throughout the film taunts the film taunts the elite task force watching their every move without them noticing. Will they catch this person before he strikes again? Will the film stay true to the original book? We will have to wait and see, as the film has a scheduled release for October 13 with Norway.


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